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Herz Juhning - Samsara [CD]
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Neon Rain - Of The Dead [BOX]
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01.Death In June - Lives At The Edge Of The World [DVD]
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SMR 012




3 Different live events from Brest, Brittany, recorded in December 2011, May 2005 and April 2002.
4 hours of video!
45 Different songs and 81 different performances.
Massive gallery of unseen photos + poster.
Certainly the most complete collection of Death In June songs on one single release.

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Tracklist :

  Brest 10-XII-11
1 Till The Living Flesh Is Burned  
2 Bring In The Night  
3 Death Of A Man  
4 Ku Ku Ku  
5 Golden Wedding Of Sorrow  
6 Hullo Angel  
7 The Honour Of Silence  
8 Peaceful Snow  
9 We Said Destroy  
10 He's Disabled  
11 Fields Of Rape  
12 Life Under Siege  
13 Because Of Him  
14 Leper Lord  
15 Luther's Army  
16 The Maverick Chamber  
17 Kameradschaft  
18 Hollows Of Devotion  
19 Wolf Rose  
20 Death Of The West  
21 Giddy Giddy Carousel  
22 All Pigs Must Die  
23 Fall Apart  
24 She Said Destroy  
25 Little Black Angel  
26 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust  
27 Runes & Men  
28 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?  
29 Heaven Street  
30 C'est Un Rêve  
  Brest 7-V-05
31 Till The Living Flesh Is Burned  
32 Death Of A Man  
33 Bring In The Night  
34 C'est Un Rêve  
35 Ku Ku Ku  
36 Symbols Of The Sun  
37 Omen-Filled Season  
38 She Said Destroy  
39 The Mourner's Bench  
40 Because Of Him  
41 He's Disabled  
42 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust  
43 Little Black Angel  
44 Doubt To Nothing  
45 Luther's Army  
46 Flies Have Their Houses  
47 Death Is The Martyr Of Beauty  
48 Hollows Of Devotion  
49 Disappear In Every Way  
50 To Drown A Rose  
51 Tick Tock  
52 Death Of The West  
53 13 Years Of Carrion  
54 All Pigs Must Die  
55 The Enemy Within  
56 We Said Destroy  
57 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?  
58 Kameradschaft  
59 Heaven Street  
  Brest 10-IV-02
60 The Night Of The Knives  
61 Death Of A Man  
62 C'est Un Rêve  
63 Ku Ku Ku  
64 She Said Destroy  
65 Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)  
66 All Pigs Must Die  
67 Tick Tock  
68 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust  
69 Disappear In Every Way  
70 We Said Destroy  
71 Little Black Angel  
72 Kameradschaft  
73 Fall Apart  
74 Giddy Giddy Carousel  
75 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?  
76 Fields Of Rape  
77 He's Disabled  
78 The Enemy Within  
79 Heaven Street  
80 People/Où Est Boyd Rice?  
81 Total War


Content: This DVD is the ultimate release for all die-hard fans of the legendary Death In June. There is so much to say about this band, which is often considered to be one of the pioneers of neo-folk music. Over the years Douglas P and his acolytes created a lot of controversy. Because of their military image and the use of controversial symbols (mainly referring to Nazism) Death In June has often been a very hot topic for discussions. The least I can say is that from a pure political point of view Death In June has created a lot of commotion and misunderstanding… often leading them to cancel concerts.

Listeners have to make up their mind about this band. This DVD features 3 live gigs Death In June did in Brest (France). This is a unique opportunity to get 1 DVD featuring 3 complete live performances recorded in 2011, 2005 and 2002. This is a real Death In June visual orgy featuring 81 (!) songs and more than 4 hours of images plus galleries of unseen pictures and even a poster. This is also a way to analyze the evolution of the band on stage, but after more than 30 years of commitment, Douglas P no longer has anything to prove. The 3 different performances are quite similar and feature the most legendary songs the band has ever written.

Together (since the 90s) with John Murphy (previously involved in SPK and more recently in Knifeladder) on percussion, Douglas P perfectly knows how to entertain his audience. Dressed in military camouflage uniforms and wearing their legendary white masks the duo looks quite scary. Douglas P mainly plays the guitar, but alternates with drums while he sings throughout the entire gig long with a clear, captivating and alluring voice.

The DVD still is a look back to more than 30 years of involvement and an impressive career with an endless number of releases. A song like “C’est Un Rêve” probably remains one of the all time favorites, but I also have to mention tracks like “She Said Destroy”, “Kameradschaft”, “Ku Ku Ku”, “Tick Tock”, “Leper Lord”, “The Enemy Within” etc. Speaking for myself, I’m missing a song like “The Calling”, which at the other side is probably not their most neo-folk inspired cut they made.

The gigs were performed in a front of an attentive audience, creating a kind of sacred union between the fans and their idols. The show of 2002 was featured in black & white, which is a cool variation to both other performances filmed in color. The 2002-show ends with a little surprise seeing Boyd Rice (Non) climb on stage for the interpretation of the Non-song “Total War” featuring Douglas P and John Murphy on percussion. The shows are quite sober without special effects and without a light show. You feel like an intimate atmosphere symbolizing the union between the band and their fans. After the 2nd show you get an interesting montage of pictures taken from a show Death In June did in a bunker in front of 50 people. It here again characterizes the intimacy of the performance.

Conclusion: You clearly have to be a Death In June addict to fully enjoy this DVD. More than 4 hours of visuals is quite exhaustive if you simply like some of their work, but not much more. This is a unique piece of visual material that will please the worldwide fan bases of Death In June.

Best songs: “Kameradschaft”, “She Said Destroy”, “C’Est Un Rêve”, “Ku Ku Ku”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8)ED.

Rated: *****

I have been listening to Death In June for the better part of two decades, so I was quite interested to see this DVD. This DVD features three different performances recorded in Brest, Brittany, from December 2011, May 2005 and April 2002. The label boasts '45 Different songs and 81 different performances. Massive gallery of unseen photos + poster. Certainly the most complete collection of Death In June songs on one single release.' Now on to the music itself. I have to admit that visually Death In June is not terribly engaging. This is partly because the live performance is a duo of Douglas Pearce mainly on acoustic guitar and John Murphy on various percussion instruments. But the music is stripped down and raw, which gives it a kind of urgency not found on the studio albums or even the live album 'Something is Coming.' But the music is done very well and takes on quite a span. Unlike many performers who focus mainly on new material with a few crowd favorites thrown in, this covers much of DIJ's creative output, ranging from 1983's 'The Guilty Have No Pride' to 2010's 'Peaceful Snow.' I was surprised to find some of my favorites on this disc, with a breathlessly fast 'The Honour of Silence' and '13 Years of Carrion' (although along that same trajectory, I would have loved to hear a live version of 'God's Golden Sperm' or 'Torture by Roses'). For Boyd Rice fans, there is a rendition of 'Où Est Boyd Rice?' finishing off with an acoustic rendition of 'Total War' with Rice on vocals during the 2002 concert. I found that Pearce was a lot chattier in the 2005 concert than in the 2010 or 2002 performances, providing commentary on several of the songs, which was interesting (we find out the 'Hollows of Devotion' was inspired by a bathroom rendezvous with a priest in Heathrow Airport, for example ' I'll avoid spoiling the moment for you, but, hint, ' it may have something to do with the gay pride flag he brought out partway through). The 2002 concert cinematography could have been much better. It is clear that this was not professionally taped for posterity. Imagine that a friend held up a camera phone and videotaped the concert and then ran it through a sepia filter with some abrupt cuts. There you have it, but then again we didn't get this for the special effects. This is the shortest of the three concerts, but still demonstrates the continuity of the live experience. It seems that the 2002 concert is less essential than the 2005 and 2011 ones, but there are songs in this concert not found in the other two ('The Night of the Knives,' Smashed to Bits (In the Peace of the Night,' and the collaboration with Boyd Rice), so it still earns its keep on the DVD. Overall, this is 4 hours of DIJ video. If that doesn't sell you, then nothing will. This is pretty much a must for all DIJ fans.

Zum 30. Jubileum tourte Douglas Pearce einmal quer durch Europa und Russland. Und so kam er auch wieder in der Bretagne vorbei. Und das Herr Pearce Brest/Finistère als Rand der Welt betitelt hat kann der Fan nun Livemitschnitte vom "edge of the world" erleben. Das genau in diesem Örtchen ansässige Label Steelwork Maschine bannte massive 4 Stunden Musik auf die DVD aus drei Livemitschnitten von Konzerten in Brest aus den Jahren 2011, 2005 und 2002, für die Band typisch spröde verpackt.

Befassen wir uns zunächst mit dem Hauptinhalt der DVD: In guter bis sehr guter Qualität aufgenommen erlebt (und genießt?) der Zuschauer das 2011er Konzert fast live. Dank angenehmer Kamerawechsel erhält man einen guten Eindruck von den Geschehnissen auf der Bühne, wobei eben dort nicht so viel geschieht: Douglas Pearce zu Beginn beim Percussioneinsatz behilflich, später dann natürlich mit Akustikgitarre bewaffnet und John Murphy als wirklich großartiger Percussionist bieten eine professionelle, routinierte und karge Darbietung, die inzwischen so typisch für DiJ ist. Der Sound der Aufnahme ist toll, erfüllt die heimischen Hallen mit den über die Jahre liebgewonnenen Hits.... und der Zuschauer muss genauso wie die Besucher der Liveauftritte von Herrn Pearce entscheiden, ob diese Form der Darbietung gefällt. Denn hier wird ein Lied nach dem anderen gespielt (oder abgespult?), das Geschehen auf der Bühne ist nicht unbedingt bewegend (oder bewegt?), gering ist die Abwechslung zwischen den einzelnen Liedern. War der Sound der Alben über die Jahre hinweg abwechslungsreich und hatte jede Etappe ihre Daseinsberechtigung in der Entwickung bis hin zum fast-Stillstand des letzten Albums (ob die einzelnen Etappen nun gefallen oder nicht, sie waren wenigstens immer eigenständig trotz des engen Neofolkkorsetts), so ist die Livepräsentation überraschend eindimensional. Standartakustikgitarrenchords, Percussions und die weiterhin unnachahmliche aber inzwischen deutlich älter gewordene Stimme von Herrn Pearce. Der DVD zugute halten muss man, dass sie das Konzert authentisch und gut rüberbringt und aus dem Geschehen wahrscheinlich das Möglichste herausholt.

Die beiden anderen Mitschnitte sind älteren Datums und qualitativ ein ganz anderer Schnack. Dies betrifft vor allem das Konzert von 2002, das optisch wirklich schwer zu ertragen ist. Im dünensandgelb erlebt man diverse Titel wackelig und verschwommen aufgenommen. Das Bedenkliche ist, dass sich die drei Konzerte inhaltlich kaum unterscheiden: 2 Herren spielen ohne merkliche Bühnenshow ein professionelles aber zu routiniertes Set ab – doch halt, ein Unterschied findet sich durch den Gastauftritt von Boyd Rice 2002. Und natürlich ähneln sich die Sets bis auf Nuancen (der 2002er Mitschnitt wirkt etwas martialischer). So sind die beiden Live-Dokumente wohl eher Bonus zum eigentlichen Hauptfilm von 2011 zu sehen.

Für Death in June Fans die sich bei eigenen Konzertbesuchen an die spröde Darbietung gewöhnt haben (oder sie gut finden. Ich will ja gar nicht unterstellen, dass die Darbietung schlecht ist... nur eben eigenwillig) ist die DVD sicherlich eine feine Sache. Der Silberling von Steelwork Maschine überzeugt mit der Masse an Material, der im Hauptfilm sehr guten Bildqualität und schönen Schnitten, die das Konzertfeeling absolut transportieren können und der insgesamt tollen Soundqualität. Leider ist das Auswahlmenu etwas unansprechend geraten, das passt aber irgendwie auch zum Geschehen auf der Bühne. Eine Photogallerie und ein Faltposter finden sich auch im Bonussortiment – nur der Vollständigkeit halber erwähnt. Alles in allem gebe ich starke 4 Punkte für das Produkt. Fans, die diese Konzertform als das Non-plus-ultra erachten, geben 2 Punkte drauf.

De groep die zo staatsgevaarlijk en obsceen is dat ze zelfs niet in Dentergem mag optreden, is al jarenlang van het Europese vasteland afscheid aan het nemen in een carrousel van allerlaatste concerten. Wie er niet bij kon zijn in Waregem, en op de stoeprand lag te janken in Dentergem, kan de zwarte ijstranen drogen met een strakke dvd met drie concerten in het Franse Brest uit respectievelijk 2002, 2005 en 2011. Met 81 tracks (waarvan 45 verschillende songs) zien we het grootste deel van het DIJ oeuvre in sepia en regenboogkleuren aan onze zintuigen voorbijtrekken via de vaste gemaskerde live bezetting van Douglas P. en percussionist John Murphy (SPK, Krang, Shining Vril en vele anderen). Boyd Rice komt een enkele keer voor een gastverschijning zorgen: Totale Oorlog met de glimlach. Het hele opzet, samen met de extra’s als een poster en een fotovoorstelling, maakt van deze dvd een hele kluif, die enkel voor de meest toegewijde volgeling bestemd is. En voor wie liever enkel geluid heeft, is de 2011 show ook als gelimiteerde dubbel lp verkrijgbaar. De switch naar piano op het album ‘Peaceful Snow’ (2010) nam de hele wereld bij verrassing, maar we leerden even snel dat alle songs oorspronkelijk op een akoestische gitaar gecomponeerd werden. Een handvol tracks werd vaste klant in de live sets in de recente minimalistische Death In June Totenpop stijl van zang, gitaar, samples en (hand)percussie. Dat ze ooit in een gitaarversie zouden wedergeboren worden stond dus in de sterren geschreven, en met ‘The Snow Bunker Tapes’ is het nu zover. Of het nu op piano of gitaar gebracht wordt: dit is niet het sterkste Death In June album. In beide versies steekt de Heilige Drievuldigheid (‘Peaceful Snow’, ‘Wolf Rose’, en ‘The Maverick Chamber’) er bovenuit. We warmen ons dus aan de randanimatie: een hilarische foto van Douglas P. met een slecht gezinde sneeuwman, en maar liefst drie verschillende vinylversies, met de geelrode schotwondekleur yellow splash als meest opvallende exponent.

door Peter Vercauteren
(oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd in Gonzo (circus) #115)

The last bit of this feature will be dedicated towards the recent two releases from Steelwork Maschine that include both a DVD that spans 3 concerts in Brest, France over a nine-year period, 45 songs, and 81 individual performances, as well as somewhat of a sister release in a double-LP celebrating and covering the featured show from 2011.

We’ll begin with the featured coverage on the Lives at the Edge of the world DVD; more specifically the 2002 concert which begins modestly enough.  All Pigs Must Die had been released in the year prior, and the subject matter was, as such, still fresh as the theme surrounding the album came up vocally throughout most of the show.  The recording of this show unfortunately suffers from poor quality with all footage being shot on one hand-held camera from which little editing has been utilized.  The sound quality is decent enough, and most of the performance revolves around what you might have come to expect from Death in June over the years:  charismatic guitar and vocal performances by Douglas with strong, bombastic percussion take up the lion’s share of the evening, with two all-too-familiar masks being used by Douglas.  It is not until — fittingly enough — “The Enemy Within” that Douglas bares his true face, symbolically shedding the mystique around Death in June for a moment and furthering that lifting of the veil in favor of a more intimate setting by interacting with the crowd, playfully joking with one attendee that “loving him forever” would be “asking just a bit too much”.  This very short part of the set, technically the encore, has an all-together different atmosphere that may or may not be due to the shedding of the mask, but it certainly feels warmer, less separated between listener and performers and more of a collective experience.  This warmth is abruptly ended after only two songs, however, as a noticeably and understandably irritated Douglas Pearce has to call on management to get Boyd Rice out for a guest performance of “Total War” after a clever introduction with the guitar melody from “People” failed to get his attention.  Despite the unfortunate missed opportunity, “Total War” ends up as a powerful end to a set that lacked that sort of abrasiveness with Boyd wasting little time taking full, furious command of the microphone.

Everything in the 2005 performance is of a noticeable rise in quality, from technical aspects that include better sound quality, several camera angles and much better editing, to the performance itself which sports a masked percussionist whom seems to be actually spiritually present as opposed to the unemotional, static drummer from the 2002 performance.  That said, I was shocked when I realized that the linear notes in the DVD gatefold confirmed that both drummers are in fact the same person in John Murphy (KnifeLadder, Foresta di Ferro), but his spirit is different in each performance, including the last. Even Douglas’ own presence seems somehow much larger here, which is understandable as this was an incredibly important and emotional concert for him at the time as he professes after the performance of “Ku Ku Ku” that he hadn’t properly spoken to an audience in over twenty years and that it would change that evening because this was perhaps to be the last Death in June concert for some time, perhaps ever.  This premonition turned out to be true as it wasn’t until 2011 when the world would see Douglas in live form again.  For the Death in June fan whom has struggled to find their own meaning in Pearce’s often all-too-ambiguous lyrics, there are some pretty intimate insights given into many of the songs in the set list for this evening  — these brief explanations almost seem worrisome at times, as if a condemned man is telling his close friends important information in preparation of his perhaps impending permanent departure.  Adding to the intimacy of the evening is the now-famous rainbow flag, proudly draped between both gentleman performers as a reminder to one of the most important aspects of Death in June — a prop that Douglas proudly displays in hand after performing “He’s Disabled”, asking “Does this fuck you off?,” after which he proclaims “well that’s just fucking tough!  Get used to it!”  It’s a strong, beautiful moment.

Live in Brest, France | 2011

Live in Brest, France | 2011

The 2011 performance once again brings about a noticeable shift in quality with the advancement of technology, with this one coming about as close to a professionally filmed concert as you’ll find.  With the 2011 performance, Douglas’ familiar mask doesn’t last long, being removed just after the opening ritualistic tracks that have accompanied every concert on this DVD.  Here, after almost a decade since the first, John Murphy and Douglas are both appropriately beginning to show their age as they both, whether conscious of it or not, hold a role in our collective scene as the proverbial wise elders.  Here, it is the songs from Peaceful Snow that appear to energize Douglas, with “Peaceful Snow,” “The Maverick Chamber” and “Life Under Siege” triggering passionate vocal deliveries and facial expressions despite their “smooth” nature.  It’s interesting to look back between performances of tracks like “She Said Destroy” and witness the change in energy, from the seething accented end in 2002 with “in BLACK!” to the gentle, passive pronouncement in 2011.  There’s definitely an evolution that takes place between the three shows — whether they involve the process of aging or not is hard to say, but it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t played a part.  Then again, “Little Black Angel” still seems to draw that fire from Pearce’s heart.  Either way, all three concerts have their similarities as well.  With the amount of changes that Death in June has seen just in terms of style over the years, it’s remarkable that Douglas and John Murphy have stuck together through all of it, and with unchanging form.  Percussion, guitar, voice.  The formula remains the same.

Both of the latter concerts feature galleries with exclusive photographs, the one from 2005 being the most significant as it documents a secret performance in an abandoned French bunker on the day prior to the actual Brest performance, an event which only 50 people bore witness to.  In regards to the double-LP that has been released as a companion to the DVD (but sold separately from it), it features the most recent performance in Brest with the same brilliant audio quality that accompanies the DVD, with the added benefit of that warm vinyl format sound.  The record has been released as a gatefold with two silver-grey LP’s in a limitation of 500 copies.  While having the DVD will ensure that you have the full audio from this performance, obviously the availability of it on vinyl should be appealing to collectors.

Lives at the Edge of the World

Lives at the Edge of the World

The purpose of this article has been to document the most recent chapter in Death in June’s long existence.  Listening to both Peaceful Snow and The Snow Bunker Tapes shows that there is still a great deal of passion behind both Pearce’s ability and his will to create new, relevant and inspired music.  Everything here is certainly a step forward from The Rule of Thirds.  However, seeing him in 2011 on Lives at the Edge of the World showed me a man who may be getting tired, and who has certainly done his part in securing a legacy and fostering a scene well into its golden age and beyond.  I saw a man whose energy in that moment with Boyd Rice in 2002 appears to have long departed as Death in June continues to break down and evolve towards its own tick-tock moment.  Even with, by all accounts, strong performances at the Runes & Men Festival and the 2012 Heilige! Tour, with the American Death of the West tour forthcoming, it’s completely possible that we may be seeing Pearce’s last performances, so if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet for one of the shows in your area, you might want to do so now or risk regretting missing your chance.


This article was published on Sunday 28 October, 2012.
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